How to Become an Architect in the US

Having a job as an architect is without a doubt challenging but also very beautiful at the same time. Architectural designers work with the client in order to design both the exterior and interior of a building. As an architect, you can design commercial and industrial buildings, depending on what you wish to do. If you want, you can choose both categories, although this requires quite a lot of experience. If you are attracted to this field and you also have the necessary skills, then here is how to become an architect in the United States.

First of All, Get a Degree

You obviously cannot do anything in any field without a degree. Therefore, apply to an architectural school in the US that it is accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board. Studies of this type in America last four years. If you want to become a professional then you must also get a Master degree. In plus, you should learn and become proficient in CAD, which is the Computer Aided Design. This will be very helpful in the future, especially if you are planning to design complicated buildings. Look for the necessary information and see if there is any additional training in the field. Applying for an internship after graduating is also an excellent idea that will help you make your dream come true. Not all states require an internship of at least three years, but the United States certainly does.

Get Licensed

Once you have finished the necessary studies you must get licensed. This involves several steps that must be followed precisely in order to achieve your goal. You need to take all the exams after completing your internship. As long as you learn during college it will certainly not be a problem to get licensed. Therefore, study as much as possible. Don’t forget that in order to be the best you must take continuing education courses. This is also required so that you can remain a licensed architectural designer.

Apply For a Job

The job market in America is a flourishing one, especially in this field, which means that you must not worry about finding an architect job, even if you are a beginner. You can either apply for a job with a firm or you could go for private practice. It is essential that you make and keep a portfolio of your designs. In the United States, architects are well-paid, no matter the experience. However, if you want to become one of the best in the area you must create a very good portfolio. Later, when you have the necessary experience you can also open your own firm. A business like this is not too difficult to set up in the US, and the investment from the beginning is not a big one. All you need is experience in this domain so that you can attract the desired clients. In case you find it too complicated, then you can collaborate with an experienced architect. Both these options are excellent and we strongly recommend to anyone who wants to become an architectural designer in the United States.

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