American Architecture and How it Has Evolved

The American architecture’s history is quite short-lived in comparison with other states. However, it has certainly had a great influence on the architecture all over the world. From the wonderful Gothic Revival styles to Art Deco skyscrapers, American architecture has massively evolved over time to be what it actually is these days. Scroll down for more details about this interesting subject.

The origins of architecture is called Colonial architecture, and it has been brought with colonials from their native countries. There are not more and not less than seven types of colonial architecture, including Spanish and New England colonial architecture. The Spanish one can be seen in Florida, where buildings have wrought iron balconies. Lots of settlers have moved to the US in order to seek a better life and didn’t have too much money, so that the building materials that have been used early on in architecture, strongly reflects this. In the 18th century, the English & Georgian style had a great influence on American architecture. This also includes the Neoclassical style, which is beautifully represented these days by The White House and the Independence Hall in Philadelphia. Materials that have been used for these constructions were also influenced by the English settlers. 

The Revolution was the next massive influence on American architecture. The independence of the US meant that even though there were lots of English-inspired designers, the chances to appear brand new styles grew a lot. The dome of Massachusetts State House is a feature that is without a doubt typical of Federal architecture, a style that has been implemented on the Atlantic coast in the 19th century. There were many American presidents that were excellent architects. For example, Thomas Jefferson was an excellent architect, and one of his best creations is The Monticello House. The building features red brick as well as Tuscan columns, and it is a construction that is being visited these days by millions of tourists. Gothic Revival in the US was a prominent design between 1800 and 1900. The historical Gothic styles were used in new building designs, and lots of churches featured the typical gothic styles including massive arches and carvings.

Unfortunately, in 1971 a massive fire that took place in Chicago destroyed thousands of buildings. Most of the buildings from here were made of wood, and that’s why the fired couldn’t be prevented. After this tragedy, the rebuild of the city was completed only by using steel and stone, in order to ensure that a disaster like this will never happen again. This new design was applied in the building of skyscrapers, where you can find today lots of offices. For example, the Home Insurance Building is one of the constructions made at that time.  Also, the Western Union and the Tribune buildings are considered to be the first skyscrapers. Furthermore, the New York skyline is renowned these days across the world for its magnificent architecture. All in all, American architecture has definitely evolved quite a lot over time, and it has happened in an extremely beautiful way.

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